Pentax DA* 55mm f/1.4 Lens

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Code: 21790
  • Standard lens
  • Portrait, still life, low light photography, weddings

Featuring both sharpness and natural out-of-focus (bokeh) effect
Large aperture Star series lens ideal for portraits

Ideal for portrait, still life, or low light photography, the smc PENTAX DA 55mm F1.4 SDM lens (equivalent to 84.5mm in 35mm format) assures outstanding image quality with clear, high-contrast images, even at image field edges thanks to super-low-dispersion optical elements, extra-low dispersion (ED) optical elements and PENTAX original lens coatings,. The PENTAX Aero Bright coating on the internal lens elements offers ultra-high refraction index for improved light transmission with minimal ghosting and flaring. It features water and dust resistant sealing for reliable operation in inclement conditions, and the PENTAX Quick-Shift Focus system to allow instant auto-to-manual focus switching.

Focal length equivalent to 84.5mm in 35mm film format

This is a medium telephoto single focal point lens equivalent to 84.5mm in the 35mm film format, and it includes a large aperture with an extremely bright open F value of 1.4. This lens is ideal for portrait and other photography.

Aero Bright Coating

The newly developed Aero Bright Coating provides exceptional reflection performance over a wide wavelength range. This enables a significantly higher transmissivity for a substantial reduction in flare and ghosting, which adversely affect imaging performance.

Natural, soft out-of-focus (bokeh) effect

The newest optical design and a round iris diaphragm (up to F2.8) were developed with special attention to providing a natural, soft out-of-focus (bokeh) effect with a shallow depth of field that is only possible with large aperture lenses.

Dust-resistant and drip-proof construction

The various lens components have been sealed for enabling a dust-resistant and drip-proof construction that prevents the entry of water and dust into the lens.

Quick-Shift Focus System

If you turn the focus ring after focusing by the AF, focusing instantly switches to the manual focus. This enables smooth focusing operations without the need for a switching operation.

SP (super protect) coating

A special coating is used on the front lens for repelling water and oils. This enables any water and oils on the lens to be easily removed for effective protection of the lens surface.

Design developed specifically for digital SLR cameras

This design has been optimized for digital image characteristics to minimize ghosting and flare. Also, the image circle is tailored specifically to the size of the imaging elements for allowing a compact, lightweight body size for a large aperture lens.

Lens Mount


Focal Length


Lens Construction(group/elements)

9 elements in 8 groups

Min. Aperture (f)


Min. Focusing Distance


Max. Magnification (macro range)


Filter Size


Diameter & Length (mm)

70.5mm x 66mm (2.8 x 2.6)

Weight (g)

375g (13.2 oz.) without hood
415g (14.6 oz) with hood

Model No.


low stock  LOW STOCK
low stock  LOW STOCK
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Code: 21790
  • Standard lens
  • Portrait, still life, low light photography, weddings
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